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Coffee beans covered in a thin layer of dark chocolate

  • Origin: Italy
  • Individually packaged – Premium quality
  • To be served with coffee and hot drinks
  • To enrich desserts and ice creams
  • A sin of gluttony that gives the boost of coffee ☕


Coffee Beans Covered in Dark Chocolate 350g bag

Coffee beans completely covered in a pour of pure dark chocolate. In the 350 g pack of the Aperisnack Line there are many of these grains packaged one by one to better maintain flavor and aroma. This allows you to always carry them with you, ready to recharge during the day. A heart of coffee covered in dark chocolate for a taste that goes very well and that even celiacs can afford: gluten-free!

How to use chocolatey coffee beans

Used as a gift, excellent to serve as is, excellent sprinkled on cream, excellent in sambuca liqueur, excellent as a decoration on chocolate cakes and much more.
A welcome courtesy to welcome guests, to serve near the café or simply for a sweet break. You can also use them for professional use throughout the catering and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors.

Are you the owner of restaurants, pizzerias, pubs? 

If you want to adopt responsible solutions that also guarantee quality, you are in the right place. Each customer will have their own single-dose condiment with a high quality product inside.

In the Aperisnack shop you will also find a wide selection of sweet snacks and praline products as well as a wide range of  aperitif snacks .


Forse non tutti sanno che...

Double pleasure, satisfying, velvety, fragrant: the coffee-chocolate combination is becoming a real habit because it is difficult to resist it and science confirms it. When the sweetness of sugar blends with the creaminess and bitter note of espresso, the marriage seems perfect: in addition to being a satisfying dessert , recent research says that coffee and dark chocolate are good for your health and reduce anxiety and help you sleep better. To increase productivity and concentration, some even suggest adding a little cocoa powder to the coffee, highlighting an idea that has been in vogue since the 19th century with the Barbajada, a typical Milanese drink made with cocoa and coffee.
Remaining in vogue until the 1930s, the Barbajada owes its name to its inventor of the same name, Domenico Barbaja, founder of the Caffé dei Virtuosi next to the Teatro alla Scala. Chocolate, milk and coffee in equal doses, whisked until frothy, are a real delight for the palate, served both fresh in summer and hot in winter.

Power Kcal XXX
Fats g XXX
Of which saturated fatty acids g XXX
Carbohydrates g XXX
Of which sugars g XXX
Fibers g XXX
Proteins g XXX
salt g XXX



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